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Case Studies

Company A


Financial and Back Office SolutionsScenario – Pre 2002

A local, family run, plastic injection moulding company, with an internal administration / accounts facility serviced by family members and co directors. The work carried out on a need basis, with an unstructured approach. Growth opportunities hindered, limited future forecasting abilities.

Post 2002

With the introduction of a new director, it was deemed vital to progression to provide a more structured, professional approach to release key individuals to ensure realisation of the potential growth was successful.

As a complete back office solution, Streetwise provide a valuable support facility to compliment this continued progression. Working closely with our Client, we developed and restructured the existing office related practices resulting in the directors being able to manage their time more effectively. By working closely with the directors, forecasting and management reporting is done on a monthly basis, providing valuable information for the company's progressive strategy. Streetwise offer the support and guidance on all business related issues from marketing to business development.


A wealth of business knowledge available

  • Access to a broad range of skills
  • Development of more relational rapport
  • Realisation of time management skills
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher perceived value of company
  • Increased customer perception


Company B

Scenario - Pre 2006

An expanding recruitment company, with its own accountant. All credit control done in house and financial accounts produced 1/2 yearly.

Expansion and growth halted due to lack of support and time to concentrate on business activities.

Post 2006

With the introduction of a new business development manager, it was deemed necessary to outsource the entire finance function. This involved weekly payroll for up to 100 staff and management accounts prepared monthly. Purchase Ledger and Sales Ledger procedures were followed on a day to day basis.

This outsourcing meant that by being in daily contact with the accounting transactions, jobs such as quarterly VAT and monthly cashflows could be prepared easily, quickly and efficiently.

The company has recently taken on more staff and developed new business links in the area, because of the pro-active approach that Streetwise have given them on a regular basis.


A pro-active approach to business has allowed:

  • Access to a broad range of skills
  • Cost efficient services provided
  • Realisation of time management skills
  • Structured / supported growth
  • Increased customer perception