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Tax rates and allowances Budget Report


Company A

I previously used to do all my own book-keeping and accounts,which gave me peace of mind, but also didn't give me any spare time to concentrate on maintaining and developing the business.

I decided to outsource the entire finance and administration functions within the business to Streetwise and since that time, it has allowed me time to expand the business, safe in the knowledge that all the day to day business activities that used to 'bog' me down are being dealt with by professional people.

The costs are a lot cheaper than using an accountant or employing my own staff and I am in constant contact with the Streetwise staff as they ensure that I am continually kept up to date with the latest financial information.



Company B

Being involved in one of the leading recruitment consultancy companies in the area, means that I am in and out of the office all of the time and I find it very difficult to be in one place for any length of time.

Streetwise have completely re-vamped the finance and admin functions within the business. At any point in time, we may have 100+ staff on our books and weekly payroll can be a nightmare scenario. However, amongst other things, Streetwise have taken this burden away from me and they deal directly with HM Revenue & Customs.

I can have regular monthly meetings to discuss the accounts and Streetwise give me all of the information that I need on a regular basis.

Calls are taken by a receptionist, who filters all junk calls and this allows me to talk to the relevant people.

I get one monthly bill, agreed at a fixed price and all the hassle of letters, filing, typing and photocopying are included in this price.



Company C

The business has been in the family for years but when it was passed to me in January 2006, I had no idea about how to run a business.

In stepped Streetwise. They sat me down and explained all the necessary information that I needed to know and re-assured me that they would be with me every step of the way.

Weekly payroll is processed quickly and efficiently and all of my book-keeping is done by Streetwise.

As I am self employed, Streetwise complete all of my accounts and do my self assessment tax return for me too.

If ever I worry about anything with regards the business, I know that Streetwise are on the end of a telephone line, ready to put my mind at rest.