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Credit Control

Your sales ledger is healthy - let us turn it into cash for you.

We appoint a designated account manager who will look after your sales ledger. All of our staff have extensive knowledge and experience in all types of credit control environments.

Your manager will get to know you and your clients, chase politely for payment in a previously agreed format and keep you fully up to date with progress. All of our work can be undertaken in your company name so that your customers are unaware that you have outsourced this role.

Your customers continue to pay you directly.

Outsourcing ensures your debtors are chased quickly and efficiently.
Holiday cover and absenteeism need never be a concern again.

Cashflow problems are one of the leading reasons why so many businesses fail, and companies not chasing up debts in time cause most cashflow problems. That is why credit control is a vital part of running any business and especially any new business with limited cash resources. Businesses who have no or poor credit control all too easy get in to difficulty and can end up with the situation of being unable to pay their suppliers.


  • New account reference check
  • Letter chasing
  • Direct telephone contact
  • Solicitor letters

Here at Streetwise, we offer a professional and dedicated service that over the years as proved to be successful and cost effective. Each company has different requirements so please contact us for further information on how we can help to keep your money in your bank account and not in your customers.